We Are One In Christ

Author: Ed Algreen
November 05, 2018


SCRIPTURE  FROM:   Galatians 3:26-28 (TLB)

TEXT:  26 For now we are all children of God through faith in Jesus Christ, 27 and we who have been baptized into union with Christ are enveloped by him. 28 We are no longer Jews or Greeks or slaves or free men or even merely men or women, but we are all the same—we are Christians; we are one in Christ Jesus.

OBSERVATION:   There are so many things that divide us, yes, even Christians; even churches; even pastors. God saw that happening in Peter’s day, and He knew that as long as He allowed humans to be involved, it would happen again and again, until He returns to take us on to glory. I feel impelled to meditate on this for a moment today. Let’s seek God’s face and instruction on how He would lead us to deal with disunity, or division.

APPLICATION:   Ever noticed how people who generally want nothing to do with God in their everyday normal life, will often seek out a pastor, or a praying Christian in times of desperate need? What if they sought us out when they were battling with another unbeliever, but to their disappointment found that we were also struggling in that area of our lives? Would that be of any comfort? Now before you start your email to condemn me on this, let me explain that I believe that we all battle with sin, therefore we may have already, or soon will, battle with disunity at one time or another also. However, I believe what makes the difference is, when the Christian runs to the Source of all Truth for guidance, for help, for strength to overcome, and for direction on how to handle the situation God’s way. Friends, our way will be extremely selfish and self-promoting. God’s way will draw the individuals closer to Him, so that He might be glorified in the church! Satan will use the smallest things to divide God’s church. Elections and political differences are commonly a source of division, but according to our verses today, God is reminding us that we must never forget that we, who are called by His name, are still ‘ONE in CHRIST’. So my friend, my Brother and my Sister, if we are one in Christ, why would Satan try to bring enmity between us? Isn’t it plain to see that a church that is working together, loving each other, sharing in the same faith, having the same Father, will accomplish so much more for the kingdom, than a body that is divided and fighting against each other? Let’s never forget that God’s purpose is to unite the church and build it up, so that His purpose and will might be accomplished. Satan’s purpose is to destroy anything that God is trying to accomplish through His church. We can only be ‘One Church’ if we are God’s Church. Let’s forget about all of the other labels that we may place on ourselves while here in this world. We are children of God, and that’s what matters most of all!

PRAYER:   Father, please teach us, Your precious children, to examine ourselves regularly, so that we may allow You to point out those things in us that might distract from our oneness in You. Lord, may we constantly give up those things that bring division, or that cause us to lose our identity with You. We will come into contact with people who need You as their personal Savior, and we will have daily encounters with those who know You personally. May they all be reminded of Jesus as they interact with us, so that a strong desire might be developed in them to know You in a very personal way. Lord, may You be glorified in us, so that we may become one with You! AMEN!