To Know Our Shield, Our Protector and Our Guard

Author: Ed Algreen
February 08, 2019


Bible Reference: Proverbs 2:6-10
Translation: Living Bible (TLB)

Bible Text:  For the Lord grants wisdom! His every word is a treasure of knowledge and understanding. 7-8 He grants good sense to the godly—his saints. He is their shield, protecting them and guarding their pathway. He shows how to distinguish right from wrong, how to find the right decision every time. 10 For wisdom and truth will enter the very center of your being, filling your life with joy.

OBSERVATION: Imagine with me today, and believe that we serve a God who shows us how to distinguish right from wrong, and how to find the right decision every time! But this is not something I made up, it’s not my imagination – read verse 9 above, again! Don’t you feel sometimes that you wish you could have this kind of wisdom every day, with every decision you make? Let’s be reminded of who God blesses in these ways!

APPLICATION: At the end of a day, sometime ago, when I had been bombarded with many questions – from personal issues to business challenges my staff were having, I reflected on the fact that it was impossible for little old me to have enough smarts about myself to answer so many varied questions. I knew that there was nothing I could have studied for, or done, to prepare myself, as I would never have known what questions would come my way that day. Then it clicked! The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the fact that my prayer to Him each day in seeking His wisdom, and in pleading for opportunities to represent Him well, were not going unnoticed! He heard my prayers, and He provided the wisdom as, and when necessary! It opened my eyes to my selfishness in not returning to thank God at the end of each day for every prayer that He answered for me that day. I believe that way too often we get a little cocky and tend to think that we were just that good today. Oh my, what a lie and confusion of Satan himself. Think of the scenarios where you might come up on an accident moments after it occurred. Did you ever stop to reflect on the aggravation you had at the last traffic light which detained you three whole minutes at that one light? That 3 minutes allowed you to arrive at the scene of an accident, instead of being involved in it! In verse 8 God is telling us through His servant Solomon, that He shields us; He protects us; and He guards our path. That means that He intercedes in the very things of earth that’s needed to build a shield around us! Are you opening up yet to the fact that we serve an awesome God, who loves, cares and protects His children? Friends, ‘Our God is an Awesome God’! Do you know Him and have an intimate, daily relationship with Him? Salvation is not just a ticket to heaven for those who sincerely accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, it opens the door to a relationship with the Savior who said that He sits on the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf! Do you understand why it is so awesome to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus, our Lord? Would you like to know the roadmap to having that relationship? Please read my Footnote, and take time to visit the link ‘To Know Jesus’ so that you may understand from God’s Word the ‘Who’; ‘Why’; and ‘How’. This will be the best, and most important decision of your life, my friend!

PRAYER: Thank You Heavenly Father for loving me so much that Your sent Your one and only Son as a sacrifice on a cruel cross, just so that I may have a relationship with Him; forgiveness of my sin, and assurance of my salvation – the open door to Glory where I will spend eternity in adoration, worship and praise of God the Father and Jesus the Son. Thank You for assuring me that although this was something You did for me personally, the same invitation went out to ALL who would humble themselves and accept Jesus as Lord. Lord, we are all struggling here on this earth, and we all need You in our lives today. Please soften the hearts of my readers who may be in agreement with me, but have not sought You out personally. Oh that this may be the day, precious Lord. AMEN!